My Warlock So Far in Legion – Affliction

Here you go.

As you can tell I haven’t gotten very far. I’m currently only level 107, but I’m okay with that. I’m not pushing hardcore mechanics or world firsts, I’m playing casually and enjoying the ride as it is so far. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy in the game and with the game, that I don’t feel the need to rush through everything and gloss over stuff just to sit in some content farming grind that others seem to think is the only proper way to enjoy the game. I’m okay with this.

So far I’ve been leveling as Affliction. I’ve gotten 13 points into the Artifact so far, which means I’ll probably be swapping over to Destruction to level up with. I could possibly go Demonology though as I struggle with the mechanics in that spec more and could use the practice. Affliction, for the most part, is fun. I LOVE the DOT spec. I DO NOT feel that having Unstable Affliction as our Shard dump as proper for the class fantasy. Shadowbolt is the nuke for Demonology, so Haunt SHOULD be our main spec nuke and baseline. We should also have the Nightfall proc back to make Haunt and instant cast, just like Shadowbolt used to be.

For the most part, the Affliction artifact leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I like the DPS increase to the DOT’s, but over-all it feels weak compared to others, better than others still. I’d love a rework to some of the traits in it, to better suit spreading dots around and stuff with our pets. One can only hope in that part. That’s most of it for this. Hopefully I can get to 110 and really start in on some dungeon runs and other fun stuff this weekend, if time permits. I get so side-tracked exploring the zones that sometimes I forget what quests I am on and just explorer. Oh well, it’s still fun.


~ by Poxus on October 13, 2016.

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