I’m in Legion, Demons Beware!

World_Warcraft_Legion_wallpaper_25So I’ve finally gotten started with the Warlock in Legion. I started out doing the Destruction Artifact quest, because that Scepter of Sargeras was just too damn sexy to pass over. Only problem is I prefer Affliction to level and general open world questing. Destruction, for me, plays better in Dungeons.

So right now I’ve picked up the staff off the vendor in the Nether. The same vendor that sells the Class Order Hall gear. It will work until I can get to 102 and pick up the next artifact and can actually get Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester.

So currently in Azsuna and starting on the initial quests in the zone. Looking forward to moving up in levels and progressing. So far Legion is an amazing expansion and very much brings back a lot of the enjoyment I once had in the game. So much so I actually came back and blogged here, which hasn’t happened in ages.

Next step is a look at the talents and seeing how I think they play into how I play, and not just copying and pasting what some top tier player does.


~ by Poxus on September 2, 2016.

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