Affliction is just wrong…mechanically

I love Affliction. Well, let me rephrase that to say I used to love Affliction. The spec defined everything a Warlock was and it played out perfectly in how it was explained to be. A class that spreads diseases to targets that deal damage slowly over time. Somewhere before or during Mists of Pandaria everything changed and nothing has gotten back to the feel of old school Affliction.

Agony, Corruption, even Unstable Affliction our our main sources of damage now. I’m fine with this as it plays out with how the spec is, dot damage over time. What I am not found of is casting Haunt, to increase the damage of those spells then standing still to fire off Drain Soul as another damage over time ability. The mechanics of this spec are down right dumb.

You only cast Haunt if you don’t have Haunt’s debuff on the target OR you have your Dark Soul haste debuff up. I find this as extremely boring game-play.

Here is your basic rotation:

Agony  (instant)

Corruption  (instant)

Unstable Affliction  (1.5 second cast (there is a glyph to lower cast time))

Cast Dark Soul to buff the cast Haunt (1.5 cast time)

Drain Soul (channeled)


So basically you have Affliction as mind numbing channeled casters for the most part of fights. I thought there was a Dev Post at some point saying they wanted to remove boring game-play mechanics? Oh yeah, there was a post on it. Here is the gist:

One of the goals for the expansion was to spend some time re-evaluating what makes classes fun, what the key abilities or spells are that make them enjoyable to play, and also to strike a better balance between classes and encounter mechanics.

As Affliction plays out now, I don’t see this with Affliction. I see it as boring mechanics that lead to lazy game-play due to the fact there is nothing interesting about the spec currently. Casting 3 dots and channeling a spell and popping a Direct Damage ability on proc is a far cry from how the spec used to be. This is just my opinion but this is how I see the current spec. I understand changes class specs with game design and progressions but currently this makes the spec down right dull.


~ by Poxus on February 6, 2015.

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