Adventures in Draenor Part 1

Yeah, Yeah…I’m late to the show.

Actually I’m not as I’ve been playing since launch but just not the Warlock. I’ve been playing classes I always wanted to play, but never did because I always played my Warlock. Well, since WoD launch I’ve done that and even got a Shaman to 100. During this time I’ve come to realize….I REALLY like playing my Warlock.

I have heals….but only for me.

I have a the tanking ability, in a demon that tanks…for me.

All I have to worry about is not sanding in fire (unless it’s my own) and doing damage. I’m really good at doing that. So here I am back on the Warlock, leveling up as Affliction.

Why Affliction you say?

Because I have ALWAYS been Affliction. It’s what I love. I’ve tried out Destruction, it’s fun. I’ve been old school Demonology, it’s fun. Affliction is just me and how I like to play.

So far I’ve gotten to level 92. Ran Blood Slag Mines once (really hate the DPS queue). Got my happy little Suzy homemaker garrison and started up on Follower Missions and been going my happy little way in Shadowmooon Valley. I dropped Herbalism and picked up Tailoring to go along with Alchemy. I figure this may help me make up iLvL ground later on once I reach 100 to get into some Heroics and work my way up from there.

One thing of note that I have noticed though is that all the Affliction guides you currently reading out there are written by players that are not currently playing the Affliction spec. This boggles my mind. I understand if the spec under-performs DPS and your guild is pushing for 1st ePeens, but Affliction still needs the representation with the Devs to get that DPS disparity fixed.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s time for me to pick up a calculator and actually crunch the numbers with the game-play mechanics to see about getting Affliction Warlocks some representation…seeing how few of us there are.


~ by Poxus on February 3, 2015.

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