Affliction is still fun for me

Hearthstone has rekindled that Warcraft playing urge in me. I don’t know why but after I play Hearthstone I want to play Warcraft. It’s not a bad issue either as all of the MMO’s out there, Warcraft is the one I have played off and on for the longest period of time. Of course, with all the changes to the game since I last played, I’m completely lost on all the skills that are new. So, after trying out all the other classes, I still came back to the Warlock as the class I newly level up. This time I went undead and plan on leveling through the whole Horde side of things. As the title says, I currently hit level 10 and naturally went Affliction.

Affliction, to me, is the play style that is so easy to get into. It gives you range. It gives you lots of things to do in that range (depending on your level) and it also kills most stuff in that range it takes them to finally get to you. Affliction was one of the things I liked most in Burning Crusade as I went through most zones killing far more and faster than Hunters could take down and Mages AOE had nothing on the ability I had in farming an entire zone or area. So yeah, with those memories I went back to the Affliction route, once again.

Now, I have tried Destruction and the burst is extremely nice but to me, it seems too much like I’m playing a Mage. A fire Mage with a little demon pet going Pew Pew. That’s not Warlock enough for me. Where’s the pain and suffering? Affliction. Where’s the false hope you give your opponent before they realize there was no hope at all? Affliction. So with all this I am leveling Affliction again. I love it and it’s the style I enjoy the most.


~ by Poxus on May 16, 2014.

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