Demonology Tanking

So looking into everything I’ve missed since my absence, I’ve come across interesting information regarding Demonology. The main point being that they can tank. I find this very interesting as I’ve always wanted to try my hand at small 5 man dungeon tanking but never really wanted to give up on the Warlock. Now looks like it’s possible to do both!


I’m planning this weekend to try to find some time to figure out how this works. I’m not level 90 yet, not even geared for Heroics or the such. The plan is to try to do some research on the following:

  • Stats Required
  • Dungeon Strats
  • Rotation testing

With all of that to try to work through, looks like my weekend of Warlockery just got full!


~ by Poxus on January 10, 2014.

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