Soul Link versus Dark Bargain

Getting back into all things Warlock, I’ve been doing some reading on talents. seeing how I just hit 87, I wanted to make sure what I was using fell in line what everyone else was doing. One thing I noticed, as an Affliction Warlock, is that most websites that promote the “best spec” of talents always pick Dark Bargain of Soul Link. So why?

I use Soul Link and find it amazing currently. It shares the damage I or my demon takes. Yeah doesn’t sound so great up front but there is more to the talent when you add in the Glyph Siphon Life. That returns heath by a percentage of the dame done by Corruption. Also, we have Fel Armor as a passive, which reduces damage taken by 50%, increases our health by 10%, and increases healing through spells and effects by 10%. All Passive effects.

So what does that all mean? Right now at my level, it means that my and my demon health bars barely move. It still takes some more playing around with but at the moment I feel like I can take on most creatures easily, even level 90 creatures, and not break a sweat.

Dark Bargain on the other hand prevents all damage for 8 seconds. when that time is up, 50% of the damage is dealt to you over 8 seconds. Not a Passive and has a cool-down of 3 minutes.  So yeah…every 3 minutes I can be a bad ass and awesome or I can just do it passively all the time.

Thanks, I think I’ll stick with Soul Link at the moment.


~ by Poxus on January 8, 2014.

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