The Story behind the Story

Mt Hyjal is awesome!

It’s hard to express my true feelings in words on how much I am enjoying myself in-game right now, especially in this area. Partially, I believe it is because I just finished reading the Stormrage novels (which weren’t’ greatly written) and a lot of the story of the world is written into the story of the game. I think this has given Warcraft part of the huge fan base it has. I know I was enraptured when I originally heard about World of Warcraft being developed back while I was playing Everquest, due to the fact that I got into PC gaming through the RTS versions of Warcraft. Even though I leave time to time, here I am still loving their stories.

As for Mt Hyjal, the point I am currently at is I just freed Goldrinn and killed off the Pyro Elemental to save the day. I am ready move out from this area now and go help some other Ancient get back into the world all alive again. Now about this story-line. I am still waiting to see this played out, but I have a theory, depending on how things play out, that these Ancients coming back now will be a help in knocking off/out Deathwing, but maybe have an even more important role in a future expansion maybe…something about Sargeras since they were all alive/and killed during his last big attempt to enter Azeroth?

It’s all speculation at this point I know but that immediately popped into my mind when I started in on this quest chain. The last thing I did in-game was watch as I finally hit level 81 and notice that I have a new ability to go train. Looks interesting and now I am waiting to get home to train and test it out…on the Gnome Warlock that is now a Dwarf Warlock…finally!


~ by Poxus on January 5, 2011.

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