Stupid Things I do and the Warlock in Me

So I had been playing a low level Warlock to see what the changes were, since having everything thrown at me at level 80 with the already huge amount of abilities was far more than I wanted to handle. All in all, it was fun. Having to wait to “learn” to get the ability of a pet bar was new but I guess the Blizzard Warlock developers needed something to do that they could call “change”.

I didn’t last long though, I faltered and turned the guy into a blasphemy of a Shaman, only due to the fact that I want an alt for later for the damn Dungeon Finder on those night where the guild isn’t doing anything and DPS run are far and few. Well, he is 64 and in Outlands but I grew tired of him and longed for the return of the great true one power that can only be a Warlock. So return to him I did.

Now, seeing how I haven’t gotten around to paying for a race change (Dwarf Incoming!) he is still a little Gnome. I took this guy (Poxus for you that needed to know) into Stormwind and took the portal to Mt Hyjal. If you read that or have done that you probably knew right then how to get there. Well, I was half asleep when I did this and after doing a few things I hit the old Hearthstone, and as the loading screen flashed in front of me I then realized that I forgot to re-hearth…and immediately went back to Dalaran.

Well I guess you all know now that there are no more portals in Dalaran, which means you have to hoof it or fly to a harbor to get back to Azeroth, so that you can get around. Well, being tired I decided to log off and do this later. Only to find out later when I did log in that I had completely forgot HOW I got to Hyjal in the first place. Needless to say, now all people in General are morons and I got some helpful replies and got my Warlocky toosh back out there.

So yeah, I am just starting the leveling process almost a month after release, but I know most of the quest mobs should be free and not camped at least. It is good to be back though as I missed all my Warlock power as the Shaman just doesn’t cut it.

Wonder if I can be considered a Healer if I stock up on Bandages and Healthstones?


~ by Poxus on January 3, 2011.

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