Cataclysmic Returns

I had left the game some time ago due to boredom, plain and simple. Boredom of no desire to do the raids that were going on. No desire to run Heroics over and over. Really, no in-game desire to do any type of progression. So I just let the game go for some time to take a break.

I kept up with the Cataclysm changes that were coming (well, most of them) and watched and waited. My desire was to come back and move forward with something I was really looking forward too. You can see that come to fruition below:


That’s right, a Dwarf Warlock. Currently only level 10, but I can already feel the power flowing through his stubby little fingers. The changes to the classes and the landscape make leveling a lot of fun actually seeing how everything does feel like a new game. I am looking forward to moving up and seeing how this goes all over again.


~ by Poxus on December 6, 2010.

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