The Expansion Lull

It’s that time again that we all love, the mass down time that occurs once the flood of information from the next Warcraft expansion gets loose and everyone decides that it’s not useful to raid or do any instances anymore due to everything being replaced so soon. It’s happened before and it is certainly happening now.

I am hopefully that tonight’s foray into ICC 10 gets us some fun times, and maybe past Saurfang on our initial push like normal. That would be a HUGE improvement on our ability. Some of us have hopes of getting Arthas dead before the Cataclysm release, but with the way things have been going, I do not see that as a dream coming true.

The one thing I know that will change a lot of this will be the release of the new talents system/spells/abilities before Cataclysm goes live. That happened right before the Burning Crusade was pushed out due to the changes and the raid scene went nuts there and all things were dying like crazy. That was a fun time and what I am looking forward too, to get everyone back into raiding some and back into the game and playing for a bit.

Another thing I have noticed is the mass abundance of alts/lower level players now. With nothing to do, most people are doing the alt character thing during all this down time. Myself included, I have run some of the lower level stuff while playing something different while this dead phase sets in. Now the Shaman is nothing compared to the Warlock, but it is a nice change. It helps me to remember why I like playing a Warlock so much since I get to be evil, kill stuff with all my Affliction loving goodies I have to throw at them…and I actually like wearing the dress…>.>


~ by Poxus on August 3, 2010.

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