Latest Warlock Patch Build 12644

Per MMO Champion, we get some information on the latest stuff to come forth on Warlocks and their Cataclysm roles and abilities. A lot of things have changed, in terms of Affliction Warlocks and what we have to play with and how our tree looks over all. Let take a look at what has changed per the notes below:

· Affliction

o Life Tap now seems to scale from 100% of Spell Power, up from 50%.


o Everlasting Affliction now Increases the critical effect chance of your Corruption, Seed of Corruption and Unstable Affliction by 5/10/15%. (Old – Increased bonus spell damage by 1/2/3%). Now gives Drain Life, Drain Soul, and Haunt a 33/66/100% chance to reset the duration of your Corruption spell on the target. (No longer procs from Shadow Bolt, Proc Rate increased from 20/40/60%)


o Death’s Embrace now affects target below 25% health. (Up from 20%)


o Shadow Embrace is now a Tier 4 talent. Down from Tier 5. No longer has a cooldown.


o Eradication now is a Tier 3 talent. Down from Tier 4.


o Siphon Life is now a Tier 2 talent. Down from tier 4.


o Nightfall is now a Tier 5 talent. Down from Tier 3.


o Improved Drain Soul is gone.


o Improved Bane of Agony is now Doom and Gloom – Increases the damage done by your Bane of Agony and Bane of Doom by 5/10%.


o Soulburn: Seed of Corruption (Tier 5) *New* – Grants the Soulburn empowerment to your Seed of Corruption spell.
Your Seed of Corruption detonation effect will afflict Corruption on all enemy targets. The Soul Shard will be refunded if the detonation is successful.


o Siphon Life (Tier 2) is back – When you deal damage with your Corruption spell, you are instantly healed for ( Glyph of Siphon Life : 60/75 )% of the damage done.


o Demonology

o Demonic Aegis now Increases the effectiveness of your Demon Armor and Fel Armor spells by 15/30%. (Up from 10/20%)

o Empowered Imp now gives your Imp’s Firebolt a 12% chance to cause your next Soulfire spell to be instant cast within 8 sec.

As you can see from above, Affliction got lots of love this build. Life Tap looks to be coming back on par, if not better than what is current with live. The EA change will have to be tested, but getting a chance at crits on 3 of our abilities instead of a spell damage boost is something that number crunchers will be pouring over (if I was in Beat Blizzard I would do it myself !). I am still neutral on this, but just looking at it, I would think it would have to be a 10/15/20% chance, but we will see.

Getting Siphon Life is a welcome surprise (not really as if had to come back). The Soulburn:Seed of Corruption is something else. It’s a nice way to spread Corruption to a mass of adds in a raid environment, increasing our contribution in that factors, and gives our SoC spam another reason to be useful.

Doom and Gloom is what currently makes me the most excited, as even though most Warlocks were talking about Agony being the Affliction choice, I saw Doom being the better as the DPS from it was more and giving the proc, added another aspect to the ability that an Affliction lock could do. Depending on the guardians ability to DPS, it could increase the speed at which a Warlock takes down mobs in mass quantities and something I am looking forward to playing around with.

I’ll have to look into this more and see what I can find and also take a look at the Talent trees since they have been changed around to see what I think of a good Affliction build.


~ by Poxus on July 30, 2010.

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