The old dwarf stood over the scale, intently gazing into the swirling colors emanating on its skin. The scale was as large as a shield, yet despite its size, the scale was light and easily lifted by the dwarf as he placed it on a black marble pedestal. Closing his eyes, the dwarf prepared for the actions he was about to undertake.

“Vom Krom’kar Lotan” spoke the dwarf and as he did, the swirls of colors started spinning faster and faster. With speed they churned until images started appearing in the colors. A vast cavern unlike anything ever witnessed on Azeroth displayed in the image. Plumes of fire rose from great cuts in the earth littered along the cavern. The light from the fires played shadows across the great cavern giving the effect of dark demons throughout the enormous place.

The dwarf brought forth from a pouch at his waist a small white bone fragment. Looking to be a claw of some beast, he touched the bone to the image on the scale and the image shifted. Now, instead of a great cavern the scene was replaced by an ocean of fire and molten lava. In the middle was a giant dark shape resting on what appeared to be bones in the middle of the fiery lair.

The dwarf started to sweat as he peered closer to the scale, waiting for the image to come closer to the dark shape. Suddenly, the darkness expanded into giant wings whose enormity held no boundaries. A long, black spiked tail flashed back and forth from the great bulk of the body it was attached to. What appeared to be heated metal glowed with magical brightness along the body of this huge beast.

“The prophecy is true!” spoke the dwarf to a shadowy robed figure standing close by. This figure betrayed no emotion as the dwarf spoke yet watched the scene develop before them on the scale with intent concentration. Suddenly a head turned from the body in the image and looked straight at the two figures through the scale. Eyes that burned hotter than the fire the beast was surrounded by looked through the scale, seemingly aware that it was being watched.

“Your interference is too late, Dark Summoner. Even now I prepare to return to finish what I had started so long ago.” Spoke the beast in its metallic, ancient voice. “There is nothing and no one that can stop the plans I have prepared. Your time is over and my time is now!”

With this, the great beast roared a terrifying bellow and belched out flame towards the dwarf and his companion. The image darkened and went out. The scale started to glow and rise off the pedestal only to fly across the room and smash into the wall. It fell to the floor, cracked along the middle, but held together by a ring of metal around its edges that glowed with the same magical fire the beast had on its body.

The robed figure spoke softly, “Borek, what you have said is true. The Great Destroyer returns”. The voice was rough in the dwarfish tone but with a female quality to it. “There is no time to waste if what it says is true! I must return to the council and inform them on this dire news. My plans to reunite our Dwarven cousins must be pushed forward and now! My father knows not what is coming and I dare delay what must be done any further”.

“Aye, my lady,” said Borek,” and I fear that the time we have left may already be too little to do much.”Borek picked up the broken scale and placed it back into the adamantium chest he had kept it locked inside. Although he could use the scale no more to view the beast, the scale itself could prove a great boon after some lengthy study by the dark council. The robed dwarf moved to the door and left as silently as she had been in the room during the entire event. Looking around the small room, Borek pushed his hand inside his robe and pulled out a small purple stone.

“Belpad, come!” commanded Borek. Dark runes glowed brightly from the stone before vanishing completely. Left was a small demonic Imp that looked greedily around the room with malicious eyes.“What do you want from me this time you stone headed old fool!?” cried the Imp. Borek waved his hand and the Imp quickly became silent. “Hold your tongue demon less others in the shadows outside hears you!” demanded Borek.

Hastily writing a note on a parchment, Borek rolled it up and gave it to the Imp. “Take this note to the Dark Council. Inform them that a meeting is called and the time is now!” spoke Borek. The imp bowed and leapt towards a shadowy corner of the room disappearing into the dark wall. In his mind Borek, knew that things were moving faster than had been planned, but the plans would still move forward. In the coming days his brethren would finally move from this mountain fortress and into the belly of Ironforge once again. No longer would the Dark Irons be cast out from the great city that was once their home, and with this thought, Borek smiled.

At this exact moment, the world started to break…


~ by Poxus on July 28, 2010.

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