Cataclysm Warlock Changes

Am I the only Warlock here that finds little to enjoy so far with the changes to our class so far? Over all the class doesn’t find anything in its upcoming arsenal that makes it shine as a class that people will love to have in a raid. The changes just don’t jump out and say “Woo Hoo” like some of the other class notes I have seen so far.

Sure, Shadowflame getting a fear effect added to it is nice…but when do you ever fear something in a raid? This actually cuts out a quick DPS spell from some runs on trash as now I can’t afford to be fearing adds into other groups unless I am sure they will all die from the damage. For PvP’ers, I am sure they are loving this.

Affliction I think so far has the worst talent tree out there. No more Dark Pact. The need for Improved Fear, Instant Howl of Terror are needed to move to 31 points in the tree. Soul Swap was added to replace the Dark Pact talent, but I have yet to really find a situation outside of a PVP stand point that provides a great reason to use this spell and its position so far down the talent tree. Before anyone posts this response, No, I would never use this on a Boss fight to swap the dots OFF a Boss onto an ADD and stop DPS’ing the Boss. Melee and every other class have far better burst DPS than we do to handle that and I can work with keeping Dots on a Boss and Dots on Adds at the same time.

Demonology is looking nice though. Hand of Guldan brings the whole Meteor effect from summoning an Infernal and makes it an AOE spell for damage. The Bane of Doom now lets you do DPS with Doom AND has a 25% chance to summon a “guardian” to help DPS on the target affected by the Bane. Having the Infernal and Doomguard being summonable for 45 seconds and have a reason will be nice as well and the whole tree is actually forming into the “Pet” tree like it should be.

Destruction I haven’t had much time to pour over as I would like. I never cared much for Destruction, as I felt it was the poor Warlocks Mage equivalent, but looking at the talents, there are some nice changes that definitely make me think that Destruction Warlock fans might be seeing their time in the sun for a while. I’ll have to go over their spells and such some more to see what I can come up with.

So yes, all of this on my part is conjecture at this point (would be easier to decide if I had a Beta Tester account!) but it doesn’t take much to see what has potential and what doesn’t. I am still waiting for more builds to come out, but I don’t see them changing much to what we have gotten so far in the Beta.


~ by Poxus on July 26, 2010.

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