F5 for a Refresh

Since my last post, things got … crazy

First, coming back into the game from the small break I had back then to where I was at was staggering. The differences in gear was strange and help a new obstacle that I hadn’t faced sine vanilla WoW going from UBRS runs to Molten Core runs. Having been in the position that I didn’t have the badges to gear up properly, it took me some time to finally get up to snuff.

One thing that helped me were friends and co-workers that I guilded with and got into more Dungeon Finder runs for those Frost and Triumph badges. Having a collection of mats for the guild enchanters to keep everyone enchanted with and then the Jewelers to make the gems made that aspect of the game a lot more accessible for me, as I am always broke and could barely afford 1 gem for any of my gear.

So now I sit pretty running ICC 10 2 times a week minimum with the guild. We aren’t hardcore bandits but we do good. We finally made our way up to Festergut, and had him down to 700k health before the last 2 died on the first attempt. Next try was cake. We log on, we have fun, we enjoy doing group runs and helping each other out.

Now, comes the other news of the Cataclysm.

First, while the NDA was still there, I had my ears to the vine and the 1 thing that I found out that excited me the most was being able to make a Dwarf Warlock. It excites me to no end as I have no desire to make a Twilight loving Worgen, or stay as this Gnome past the point that I can change. I have always wanted the Dark Iron Dwarf option and this is what it represents…my patience has finally paid off.

Second, the first NDA dropped information to come from MMO-Champion on Warlocks saddened me a lot. I saw no real improvement in our game play, even with some Curse now becoming Banes and even the Green Fire held no great joy in me. I still have questions of the route we are being taken. I do like the new options for the Infernal and Doomguard being used. I do like the Bane system (although Bane of Doom I like the most). I don’t like that Hunters just got tons of ways to use all of their pets and have more variety…while we are still stuck with the same version we have had since vanilla.

Even Druids got their forms changed but we are still the same in regards to demons. I am hoping that Warlocks get more changes coming in the beta..and that possibly I get a beta invite to try to push out that information. Besides Fel Fire and Warlocks Den…Warlocks get the short shaft on blogs and fan sites.


~ by Poxus on July 23, 2010.

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