Out of Retirement

So that was a short, semi-sweet break. I tried out a few other games and thought about even more other games but the whole time I was wondering about all my demons and if they missed me. So the hook finally settled in and I came back for a visit.

This time around I came in to play with co-workers and some friends. I have to say, this time the game is actually fun for a change. Our little group doesn’t try to take on too much or force massive amounts of raiding down our throats. We stick to 10 mans and usually 2 or 3 times a week only. Raids start around 9pm CST so I can actually make these and not feel like I am abandoning the family either.

We are tackling ICC10 at the moment and got to Saurfang easily enough but can only get him down to 6% before we lose it. It’s all good though as we try again tonight and I think we should get passed him finally.

As for other things I have found, Fel Fire is an amazing Warlock blog that I come to admire. I wish I had the talents used over here as they have some great stuff, like the new artwork on my header above. You really should check them out for some very nice Warlock information.

I am also trying to get on the PTR and try out the new dungeon, Ruby Sanctum, to see what is in store for Warlocks there but the server has been extremely lag infested for me and made that difficult. Once that clears up I’ll try again to see what’s going on there.

ICC10 awaits me…


~ by Poxus on May 18, 2010.

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