The DPS/Dungeon Finder fight, A New Year, A New Ride and A New Focus

So this year is finally at an end. Didn’t get anywhere close to where I wanted to be but I did get a lot of other things done. Most of the things came together for me on the release of the new Dungeon Finder system. It IS a great system, but the flaws are starting to show. Maybe it isn’t the flaws in the DF but maybe the flaws in the game itself. The problem resides in the fact that the game as it, revolves around Hybrid classes. The other classes (Hunters, Rogues, Mages, Warlocks) are sitting in a hole and stuck fighting for spots in DF groups. It’s bad when DPS have a 30 minute wait nightly for a random group while Hybrids can see the wait time for DPS, then switch to another role if it has a faster queue time.

So maybe its time to implement a priority system? Something along the lines of instead of picking your role, you pick your class THEN your role? Giving priority to pure classes for DPS spots over Hybrids role in the situation? I know that sounds biased but a few of my guildies have multiple alts at 80. They are all Hybrids and depending on what they play on a given night, they are queuing up easily 5 times what our pure DPS are night and out gearing us in the long run. I never said the system was perfect, but it is a great system and the flaws are showing. Hopefully something changes for the DPS classes in the system to allow them as my runs as Hybrid classes are getting.

I finally got a group together for Culling and got my new ride. This has been the most headache inducing attempt for a really easy Heroic instance for the past couple of weeks. I have had multiple groups of people all Gear scored over 5k wipe and fail and cry about who all was to blame for their in-ability to get through to the Drake dropper in time. It would be the Healer who I could tell thought they were too geared for this instance and didn’t pay attention to the fights and got people killed repeatedly. The tank(s) that would race so far ahead of the group and try to burn the whole instance down at once (you know you have had them) and blame everyone else for being under-geared or him being too geared for this. Then there are the instance lawyers, the guys/gals that as soon as you log into the instance start debating on how everyone is doing their job wrong and not listening to them and how if we would have things would have been great.

I have to give props to my last group run in the Culling of Strathholme ( I didn’t take your names but thanks for the run you pros!). None of use were above the Gearscore of 4500, no one. We all came in, said hello and got to work. The Healer healed, the tank tanked, the DPS…well we laid the smack down. No deaths. None. Bosses were pawned. Trash was swept aside. The Infinite Corruptor was reached with 5 minutes left on the timer and taken down even faster. Loot goes to me (Woot Drake Rider!) and Mal’Ganis trembles before us. Oh how I love a proper instance run. So I got a Drake finally and now have the itch for more….of course.

So with this new year coming up, I have a focus of more flying mounts, more exalted reputations, more money, better gear to trade in for greens once Cataclysm pops and just more fun to be had. So yeah, this Warlock is ready, even more so now that I am a Gnome now and rid of that shoddy Human model. Pure Sexiness.


~ by Poxus on December 31, 2009.

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