Warlock pets are Meh, need a Cataclysm Fix!

Warlocks and Hunters are the only true pet classes in the game. For the longest time, both used their pets as mild DPS to augment the DPS that they did. Hunters, back in patch limbo, got a huge upgrade to their pets in form of actual DPS increases, Talent Trees per pet family, and unique and interesting tamable pets in the work. Warlocks, still have pets that big some form of DPS to augment them but nothing compared to the other class.

So what’s the fix?

Simple, add demon families in line with the pet families for Hunters. Demon families could be added to group specific demons into categories. Shadow, Fire, Demonic could group the majority of the demon types in the game currently so that not all demons had the same base skills. Shadow could help to increase spell damage, haste and other attributes that could benefit the Affliction tree. Fire would be those types that dabble currently with fire anyways and bring more utility to the Destruction tree. Demonic, well, brings the Beast Master Hunter spec to Warlocks.

Over powered you say? I doubt it. Sure we are a straight DPS class, but for the longest time a part of our DPS has been neglected and under used. How? Go to any end level raiding Warlock and ask them what pet they use in raids. Most will say the Imp. Why? Health buff and fire and forget DPS. So that all inclusive Affliction spec you have there goes well with a Imp that doesn’t have any of your talent points to improve it. I am not even sure the improvements of 3.3 did anything great to improve the DPS of the felhunter to make it raid viable.

So why is Cataclysm the perfect time to make these changes?

Simple, from all resources offering us glimpses into what is to come, the Elemental Plane is going to be opened up and all these cuddly little elemental demons will be running all over the place just waiting for some happy go lucky Warlock to come along and scoop them up. It just makes sense to finally bring Warlock pets up to par to other pets in the game.

But what about the demons we have now!?

Make the imp, Void, Succy and Felhunter base pets. That means keep the introduction of them as they are now. Make the Infernal and Doomguard a world demon in Azeroth. Even keep the quests to learn those summons in the game but tweak them for the next change. If you want to have an Infernal as a pet you run around with, do the quest to show you how to control one (think level 10 Hunter quest to learn how to tame). Now, if you want one, you have to give up a pet to keep it. Depending on the spec of it, it becomes a nice little addition to you pet family (minus what ever base pet you dropped). Want that base pet back? Drop the Infernal and go “tame” it again at your trainer.

Sure it’s not a perfect plan but I am no game coder and that’s their job, I am just here to say it’s time Warlock pets got an upgrade to make them actually worth something to Warlocks.


~ by Poxus on December 21, 2009.

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