Too Much Fun to Post


The Dungeon Finder has to be the best addition to the game over any other addition ever. I don’t know of a game that has ever made such a huge leap to include casual players into the end game more than the Dungeon Finder does. I have done more end game and Heroics now than I ever did, including the small raiding time i did back in vanilla WoW.

So now that the DF is out, I think I have done every Heroic out there (except Occulus), and had no real problems. My gear has improved ten fold, i am raking in the gold off these dungeon runs and have been having the time of my life.

On another note, I am the proud owner of Quel’delar. This was a fun quest line and I am glad that Blizzard finally got the idea that putting a powerful weapon in-game for everyone to be able to obtain was a viable idea. Hopefully all these great changes bode well for the future of the game come the next expansion.


~ by Poxus on December 19, 2009.

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