Weekend Wonderland

So I did some major playing this weekend. I made sure to keep myself in LFG at all times while not in an instance to try to maximize my ability to get some gear. What this accounted for was a quite a few Heroics, some Naxx 10 runs and even an Ony 10. This is quite the fun thing for me and even brings me back to the feeling I had while raiding Molten Core back in vanilla WoW. Those were the days and I actually got some of that feeling back.

Now while I did get some nice upgrades and increase my achievement score, I am in no way finished yet. I still have a few pieces of gear that desperately need upgrading and then there is the process of getting those items gemmed and enchanted and then going through the process all over again on the next item upgrade.

Inscription is going well as I finally passed the 400 mark and am now pushing towards 450 in it. Hopefully, hopefully it makes me some money at some point because all those gems and enchants are hurting the pocket funds. It makes a Warlock cry to not have any cash….


~ by Poxus on December 7, 2009.

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