Destruction Warlock

So last night was a momentous occasion in game for Poxus. It just so happened that last night I respecc’d to the Destruction tree for the FIRST time ever since starting Poxus so long, long ago back in vanilla WoW. That’s right, I have NEVER played a Destruction spec until last night and I have always been weary of doing it because I had become so comfortable of the Affliction and Demonology trees. I went wit ha 3,15,55 build recommended over on the EJ forums and then went about the game.

I kept the 3 points in Suppression due to the fact I am 203 points under the hit cap. I am working on my gear and until I get hit capped, I plan on keeping those points there to minimize those misses on spells. The 15 in the Demo tree were a no brainer as I buff my Imp and myself and my Warlock buffs and what Warlock doesn’t buffing their damage up right?

The Destruction tree was the big one though as having never gone into the tree other for Shadowburn, all the talents are fairly new and still need to make sure they work for my spec. Chaos Bolt is a nice little DD spell and well as all the fire casting I am doing now, it’s a big change.

I need to replace my Glyphs still as I was not about to pay the crazy AH prices to get the Glyphs of Conflag and Incinerate seeing how I can make them in a few more skill ups. So after that I just need get Dot timer back in the add-on list to help with the dots uptime and work on my rotations some. So far I have been doing a CoA, Immolate, Chaos Bolt, Incinerate then a Conflag and trying to work the rotation using Incinerate as a filler in between casts of other spells…but I feel like I am missing something in the rotation right now.

Overall it didn’t go so bad as I ran 2 reg ToC runs and 1 H ToC last night and kept the DPS at 1200 to 1400 most of the time. I did notice the Imp at times getting up on the DPs charts so its nice to have a DPS’ing pet to help fill in my gaps as I work the spec out.

I will have to try to get some more runs going tonight to see what I can do better and hopefully get some more gear to help out in bringing me up to par sometime soon.


~ by Poxus on December 3, 2009.

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