Looking Forward to 3.3 and a lack of Warlocks

It’s too bad 3.3 did not happen today. I am actually looking forward to it and not just because it brings new gear and instances, but for the main reason of the new LFG system. This may help in getting me back up to par in my race to get geared to help out the guildies in our endeavors to tackle Icecrown.

Having not been on the PTR, its still up in the air as to how well the system will actually work, but my expectations are high as I haven’t heard any negative feedback so far.

On another note is something I am seeing far more as I play around more in the level 80 game, and that’s the lack of Warlocks in end game now. It seems to be that Warlocks are almost a dying breed in some servers as people seem to either migrate to the more powerful Death Knight or other classes. I wonder why?

I know that now that I play Alliance, I wish I had picked a Gnome more than the Human for the visual look, but my playstyle hasn’t really changed. So what gives on the lack of the end game Warlocks? We may never know and no matter how it is right now, I still find the Warlock the best class out of them all to play when I really want to have fun.


~ by Poxus on December 2, 2009.

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