Blame the’s Horrible!

No, not my post count (which will be fixed soon), but the ability of some people and how they play. My ranting comes from a run for the Daily Heroic last night in a decent group and how we wiped more times that I want to remember of even think about my repair bill once I log on. It was madness and was easily (and verified) blamed on the healer, a level 80 Priest.

The way this healer played, they either leveled up using the RAF or they bought the character on EBay or some other fight. Out of all the healing abilities the Priest has, this Priest only used the greater heal once the tank got to 25% health, and doing that in a Heroic just doesn’t count as some of those crits and normal hits can take that amount of health down easily. It didn’t make any of us in the instance happy about how things went and we barely got the first boss down after 2 wipes. In going for the second boss of the un, things really went down heal when the Priest didn’t even cast one spell as we were fighting, and that was the straw that broke the back.

Of course its all in the past now, and I know never to group with that Priest anymore, but it makes me wonder just how a player as bad as that truly gets to 80 while being as bad as they are? Has the game devolved so much that the severe lack of true healers and tanks in the game made it so that groups will take anyone that has one and force feed them gear in hopes they get better? I know that most people would say it would be better to try and teach them how to play their class, but I am no Priest and the couple of times I tried playing one, they get deleted at level 6 so I am no expert on how to tell someone how to play their class.

All in all, it wasn’t a great first run on my foray back into the world of instances and such. Hopefully things get better. Also, if you are a healer on Silver Hand and need a good guild for 5 and 10 man runs….look me up and I’ll set you up for success in a very friendly tight knit group of people ready to gear you out on our way up the ladder.


~ by Poxus on December 1, 2009.

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