Warlock Tier 9 Armor Models


WTH Blizzard!

I am a Warlock, a minion of darkness and in no shape form or fashion am I to embody anything righteous no matter who I associate with! So what is the deal with the Tier 9 models for Warlocks? There is no trying to even compare the two in looks, the Horde win this one hands down on the evil look of the gear. Want to see for yourself?


There is the Alliance version, not so much evil or dark as it is but makes me think…Mage! Seriously, this is not something I would want to be sporting around even though the gear is top end. So now me move on to our conterparts, the Horde…


As you can tell, the Horde have won the battle of the looks. All this switching to play the game with friends and such, and I am stuck looking like a Mage.

Deathwing must be a Warlock because looking like a Mage would make me go insane enough to tear aprt Azeroth too.


~ by Poxus on October 7, 2009.

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