a New Look and New Goals

I started this Warlock of mine way back when and rolled him as an Undead version, due to the fact that the Undead have the best casting animation in the game, period. I loved being a Warlock the whole time, but I have finally realized that what I wasn’t enjoying was the lack of accomplishing anything in game. The Horde might have some of the cooler races (baring a Dwarf Warlock but Damn Blizzard for not implementing them yet!) but the Alliance so far have had the best options to progress as I would like.

So it came as a good choice to switch over to a Human Warlock to play with co-workers and friends and on a new server rather than not enjoying the mediocrity of being Horde and doing nothing. So the switch has come and gone and I really am enjoying myself. Yeah the Human casting animations blow but the extra 25 reputation points are helping in catching up to where I should, or need to be.

Now that I have gone over to the other side I have set a few goals for myself to try to catch up. Seeing how my gear is horribly low for any real Heroics or other runs, I am currently working on finishing the quest/exploration achievements in Northrend to make some money. With this money I will buy my 300 riding skill (finally) and hopefully some AH gear to get up to par somewhat. From there I will be grinding through the Tournament quests to gear up for that.

Hopefully by that time the guild should acquire a few more to even out the 10 man roster and make that more profitable for everyone for more runs during the week. It’s a short list I know, but I think it is a good start to get me going to where I would like to be.


~ by Poxus on October 6, 2009.

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