What Cataclysm could mean to Warlocks… a pondering thought

So there is tons of information flowing around about Cataclysm and how things are changing when it releases…literally. From the Old World getting a face-lift to new races to the new secondary profession, there is a ton of information to go over and try to absorb. Luckily, we should have a little while to do this.

One thing I have NOT seen is the discussion on the talent points we are getting.

Now take this information (as much as I can remember) of the talent changes. There’s this whole Path of the Titans thing to work on to give us passive buffs depending on what talent spec you go down. Warlocks are also getting a makeover on the shard system via some sort of Death Knight Rune system no we no longer need to gather shards and spells not really using shards for that matter.

Now what this tells me is that there will be some significant changes coming to the Warlock talent trees as well as the spells we use.

Drain Soul and its Talent? Possibly gone altogether or reworked for something completely different. ( I say gone)

Soul Shard Bag? I say still there but put on the Character sheet similar to the Hunter ammo is and its buffs changed to Haste, Crit, Mana Regen or other passive buffs and more bags added into the game (Think the Shaman Totem slot0

Now, something else that I haven’t seen much talk on is the Talent Points themselves. We are getting 5 more points. From what I remember reading on this is that Ghostcrawler stated that we are getting 5 more points to spend on the talents, but no new tiers to go along with them (if it wasn’t you Ghost, just take the credit!).

Now this is a big thing for me as I see some very good possibilities as an Affliction Warlock currently. This could make me go away from the Affliction/Demo spec I run with to possibly a Affliction/Destruction spec just for Backlash being available now (if talent trees stay similar) to pick up 2 talents that increase my chances at having Shadowbolts instant cast all the time depending on procs. Talk about DPS kings…nobody could touch that on a well geared/played Warlock end level and thus the QQ Nerf Warlocks would roll on again.

AM I looking forward to Cataclysm? Hell yes and prepping old Poxus now to be ready to roll straight into it as soon as it comes out.


~ by Poxus on August 31, 2009.

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