A Question of Returning.

So I have been gone for some time now. I am not getting any kind of with-drawls from playing the game or anything like that, but I am pondering coming back to the game. Why?

Well, I had left in search of greener pastures. I am no PvP’er for the most part and with the inability to find a group/guild that ran instances around my time of play (usually 830ish CST), PvP was the only option I had for gear advancement.

So I had left for other games in hopes to find something that might fit into my gaming time. Warhammer came first as I hadn’t really tried since the closed beta and wanted to see the changes.

Warhammer really is a great game. The PvE part sucks though but that game isn’t about that and I knew that going in. The biggest problem I had was that the game is really deserted. Sure the starting areas are teeming with people because there is a free trial but after that until you reach the “end-game” there isn’t much and even then you are so outmatched gear wise its a joke to even try.

Next came Lotro. Now this game is truley beautiful. If you system can handle it, the graphics in this game is amazing and the community truly is one of the best. I have a Warden and the max level currently but I find myself in the game knowing I am missing something. Something is just missing in that game that I can not put my finger on and it drives me nuts. The thing that really bothers me about the game though is the lag.

The lag in Lotro is horrible. It just isn’t lag from being in a town or the such. My connection is great, My PC is more than adequate yet even in the middle of nowhere with nothing around, simply opening my bags causes lag. Lag to me is a true game killer and a reason for me to finally put the game to rest. Unless the lag is fixed, I’ll not be going back to the game.

So what other options do I have? I have no plans on going to Aion since it isn’t my type of game after trying it out, and nothing on the horizon peaks my interest (except the 38 studios hush hush MMO). I am a gamer at heart though and not having the option to log on late at night after a long day and everyone is asleep will drive me crazy( not to mention my wife as I tend to bug her more in these times).

So the questions is why should I come back? Simple, WoW works. It isn’t the greatest MMO out there, but it is stable, looks good, gives me a few options I didn’t realize I had in game-play and I know it through and through. My only fear is that the mechanics might have changed a lot while I have been away and Poxus might be weird at first.

Oh well, maybe I should just jump in anyways…


~ by Poxus on July 27, 2009.

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