Level 72

Okay, this time around it was a lot fast. Maybe due to the fact that whatever they are brewing up at Vengeance Landing, I caught it in real life and got to stay home most of the day.

So major changes in the looks category. I stuck going with all gear that boosted my Spell Damage, and while lost out on some health and mana, boosted my Spell Damage a decent amount.

As for Howling Fjord, it’s done…at least I think it is. I did a round robin and the only quest I could find that I had left was Utgarde Keep so maybe I’ll try to get a group for that one then check around again.

Currently sitting in Borean Tundra and man is that place busy. HF was a quite calm zone while BT is running amok with fights and battles. It’s crazy!


~ by Poxus on March 11, 2009.

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