Level 71

 Okay a little time on the update but these new levels take forever!

So level 71…nothing new in the outfit catagory except maybe a new cloak… and a redo of the talents. I am offically Demonology again, quite fun actually, just to get through a majority of the leveling in Northrend and breeze through the group quests solo style.

The Fel Synergy talent ( the one that heals your pet for the damage you do) is a very nice addition since the last time I was Demonology. I can pump out some major DPS as 21/50 specced and keep him up on multiples easily by spreading the dots around.

I have found my love of the class all over again and sya “Begone!” to those crying over supposed changes coming in 3.1.

I was here before the changes with The Burning Crusade and before, I’ll still be here after 3.1, as will many long time Warlock lovers out there.

Now back to leveling…


~ by Poxus on March 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Level 71”

  1. *high five* Been playing a warlock for four years and plan to continue for quite some time… hey, I think they’re still fun!

  2. Lock lovers are the best

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