Passing the Time

I am not worried about progression or any of the sorts at the moment. I run 2 weekly raids with the guild and those are Kara fun runs. I am not actively trying to hoard gear for the coming Xpac. I am not out farming mats for my Death Knight alt (Lichenstien!), although I might at another time. I am currently relaxing and waiting.

There is no need to rush to do things. I am almost leveled out in my secondary professions (fishing/cooking) and just trying to take it slowly and enjoy the calm right now. I am trying out things on the PTR though, and Affliction is a very fun build but I need to do more to test Haunt out.

I am looking forward to trying the Metamorphosis spell out later this week. I liked Demonology while I was specced that way and wouldn’t mind seeing how it has changed. So nothing new going on, just relaxing and enjoying my time.


~ by Poxus on September 16, 2008.

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