It’s Time

Or should I say it is about time. I finally got my professions maxed. Both Alchemy and Herbalism have been maxed to 375. One of my goals have been met and now it is time to move onto the others.

I am still working on Alchemy though as I need to finish my Elixer quest (just need the Black Morass runs) and then working towards some shiny Alchemy specific trinkets. I need the Sha’tar rep and the Sunwell rep but neither of them should take me long to get hopefully.

I started on my Cooking and Fishing too to try and get them maxed somewhat soon. After that I just have to farm dailies to gather up some gold, and maybe get an epic flyer before Wrath comes out. Would be nice but not too worried about that at the moment, just the others.

So far life has been good after my transfer to Cairne. I got into my old Shaman’s guild again, got to raid in Kara some and just having a decent time. I can not complain and finally feel like I am in a good, fun place in this game once again.


~ by Poxus on September 6, 2008.

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