Respec and a Raid

So I went back to Affliction last night. I finally got tired of controlling that Felguard. It felts like I spent more time doing things for him than doing that evil Warlock stuff I liked so much, so a change was in order. Now, don’t get me wrong, Demonology is very fun, but I got to do what is fun for me, and that has been Affliction.

I screwed up the respec though, and got some crazy spec that I think I’ll have to fix later. It served its purpose though as I got to go into Karahzan again last night after a long time away. Made it all the way up to Opera before we had and real issues (DC’d tank) so it stopped there. I did pick uo the Bands of Nefarious Deeds though off Maiden and some Badges, so it was a good night for all.

Was a fun run and look to really get back into the swing of things with the guild now that I am getting a good set schedule of play time now. Now just to see if I can fix the addons to look better.


~ by Poxus on September 3, 2008.

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