Felhunter the New Affliction Pet?

Okay so there was a post on the main Warcraft page yesterday about updated talentsfor the expansion. I went to the Warlocks and started to take a look around in Demonology and everything looked sort of the same from what I could remember( don’t pay much attention as it is beta you know). From there I moved over to the Affliction tree ( oh how I miss those days) and noticed something I hadn’t seen before.

There is a talent for the Felhunter in the Affliction tree. Improved Felhunter, which gives the Felhunter, which all 2 points allocated in it, a 100% chance to regain mana equal to the damage done by it’s Shadow Bite ability. Shadow Bite is a Shadow spell (of course!) and pets abilities scale with spell damage. This make this a very nice ability indeed!

While Affliction before the Felguard, I always ran with the Imp out, but had him on passive. He was more of a Stamina buff and a mana battery as most Warlocks used him. Now, we get to have a pet out that is actually doing something while not hindering our mana regen. Add to the fact that it gives a Intellect buff and that is even more mana for us from the start. Oh boy am I excited about this!

While Demonology is a very fun spec to use, I am actually glad that I am going to go back to a Affliction build and still provide utility with my pet. I seriously think this is a positive step in the right direction for Warlocks. Too bad I haven’t got into beta yet to test things out, would be really fun to check this out first hand.


~ by Poxus on August 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Felhunter the New Affliction Pet?”

  1. Yeah I’m also interested in trying an affliction build with a felhunter. My big question with affliction has always been whether to spec imp curse of agony or to use curse of elements (with malediction).

  2. Depends on your play style I think. If you mainly solo and use CoA exclusively, then why not get it? If you raid then the CoE is a nice help to Mages and other classes.

    Either way it helps you as it is also a nice boost to your spells in a replacement usage for Coa. Do what you like and use what fits your play style the best…I endorse no cookie cutter builds as the best.

  3. Well reading the talents it would indicate that Curse of Elements would be the way to go specially since your Felhunter will be using Shadow attacks as well. Best of both worlds.

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