PvP, Gold and Professions

So lately I have been working on dailies to get my epic flying mount. I would really love to have this done before the expansion comes and hopefully it comes soon. Getting my mount is my first goal. With that, it will be so much easier flying around leveling up my next goal, having Alchemy maxed at 375 before the expansion.

To do all of this I have been doing my Sunwell dailies. I just hit honored with them and still have a ton more dailies to do to get all my mount money and some reputation gains to exhalted. It is going good though and gives me a good focus for now with nothing else really going on.

I used to do Tailoring and Enchanting, even had both of them sitting at 360, but the need for them fell off at 70 and Enchanting is only worth while if you get the recipes for the better enchants, which come from raiding and I didn’t do much of that so I dropped them. With Alchemy I at least have a profession that is useful to me and something I can use and others will probably want as well. I also want to get Fishing and Cooking up to use those food buffs just to max out my Spell Damage and stuff as much as I can.

I have also been playing in the Battlegrounds more. I am starting to get my niche figured out as a Demonologist in PvP. I run with whatever pack there is and stay close to the back near the healer(s). Let the Felguard do his thing with who ever is doing the DPS and use him to cover the healer and keep him alive.

It has been going pretty well sing this tactic and makes me feel a little better at my ability to PvP (in which I don’t think I do very well). I played enough this weekend to finally get my Merciless Gladiator’s Felweave Amice, and boy does it look nice! I feel the all-so-powerful Evil just coursing through my bones wit hthis, and hopefully I can get the next piece this weekend.


~ by Poxus on August 19, 2008.

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