Doing the Dailies

So I started doing all the Shattered Sun Offensive quests last night. Just focused on the ones out on the new Isle and getting the lay of the land. Even though I am coming in way late behind every one else on this, there are tons of people out there on Undermine doing the same thing I am.

I do have to say though, this is a fun way to fill those nights I can’t really focus attention to a specific instance, or dare say a raid if I ever get in a guild that does those sort of things. It makes good use of my time, keeps me in a certain area and actually rewards me two-fold in money from the quests and Reputation Rewards once I do get to Revered and Exalted.

So I got around last night, and so far my favorite is the bombing the Dead Scar runs. Took me two trips since I didn’t know the flight path and exactly what I was doing, but on the second trip for the final guys I had to kill, I got a good idea of how to kill faster to do it in one run. Should be a lot more fun tonight when I try it.

I am thinking of respeccing to Affliction though. Doing the quest to kill all those Blood Elves, got me in a couple of situations where the Felguard was having trouble keeping up with all the mobs that added on. I was able to get through it alive, but lost a few shards in having the Fel Dominate a new Felguard up to replace the one that died. Also with the demons around the Emissary of Hate, they like to add up fast too and I think an Affliction build might be more useful to handle all of them. I’ll consider the options and might try it tonight

Finally the last thing I love about these quests is the cash flow. I think once I finally reach Exalted, I might actually have enough money to get my Epic flyer. I slacked on doing that stuff before, but really would like one to move around Outlands with. I even like these Dragon hawks that you use out on the Isle. Only time will tell.


~ by Poxus on May 29, 2008.

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