Leveling a Warlock

I have been doing some blog readings and such lately and come across a lot of the same topics, mainly about how to level <insert class here>. Really, in this game, is it that hard to level? I think not but unfortunately for some people out there, this is a challenge. Most classes have a decent place to go to find this sort of advice, like Hunters can go to BigRedKitty, and so on. For Warlocks though, I haven’t found that awe inspiring segment of advice that makes it all come together. The Warlock’s Den has a great community that will help but for these leveling challenged individuals, I don’t think that it is enough.

So what I have plans on doing is creating a series of posts on the leveling process involved and what each player should look for. Mainly taken from a solo aspect, but with comments thrown in on some instances you could do at certain levels also, but nothing major. Hopefully what this will do is help clarify what new Warlocks should look for in terms of stats on gear, how to handle all those spells you acquire and how to manage the demons we get to use through out our levels.

Now in no means do I mean to say this is the be all do all of leveling, but mainly what I have learned along with knowledge I have gathered along my leveling process. So expect some leveling tips and tricks here soon, and hopefully I won’t disappoint.


~ by Poxus on May 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Leveling a Warlock”

  1. Good luck, and we’ll be reading.



  2. Look!

    A Celebrity post!

    Thanks for stopping by BRK

  3. I look forward to reading! My lock has been sitting in SW at lvl 51 for a little too long now… maybe I should dust her off sometime šŸ˜‰

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