Things you learn when you Re-Roll

So I have been working on leveling the new, improved Poxus up. Got him to 14 so far, taking my time this run and relaxing, but it is hard. You see I played the former Poxus for so long that being a Warlock comes naturally to me now. Sure I don’t know everything there is about Warlocks, but I know enough to be extremely deadly and that’s where it counts.

Take last night for example. I started out at level 11. Not much in the way of spells being great, but you have your basic Corruption( the non-instant cast version) Curse or Agony and Immolate. The trifecta of the leveling spells you will use for leveling, with a few well placed Shadow Bolts along the way. I passed on doing my level 10 Warlock quest for my Voidwalker as I was just interested in leveling for talent points so I could get Corruption back to the instant cast version.

So Imp is out, all his abilities are ready (Phase Shift, Firebolt, Blood Pact, Fire Shield) and on auto-cast. I start out to tackle the levels, and an hour later I am level 14. Looking back I realized what it was, the Imp provided more DPS than the Void, and Fire Shield was an extra dot like mechanic while I was being whacked on. First time I leveled I was like every other Warlock running around last night, I had big blue out and used him. After last night though, I realized, that big blue only needs to come out if fighting large packs or creatures or Elites. The Imp is where fast leveling is currently.

So the levels are starting to fly now. I should be able to ding 20 at this rate by Friday night if all goes well with play time. I am looking forward to that as then I can see how the new experience goes with the ease of Warlock leveling. Hopefully it will be very good.


~ by Poxus on March 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Things you learn when you Re-Roll”

  1. Have I missed one of your blog entries? What advantages do you get by redoing the same class? Did you change race?

  2. I re-rolled for a couple of reasons:

    1. I leveled the original Poxus after my old server had already matured. So by the time I was ready for Kara and beyond, everyone else was into Gruul’s and SSC. I tried to stick with it but the gear difference was too great for me to be a decent raider.

    2. Cairne ws opened up as a new realm and I jumped at the chance to do it all over again. Do I regret leaving my old Warlock? No, I miss some of the gear I had but all that will come again.

    Right now I am very,very happy re-doing my Warlock and with the guild I am in now. They are a very accepting guild and so far everyone gets along great. We are all re-rollers of a sort so I am enjoying the game again, which is what it is all about.

    Thanks for asking btw.

  3. Interesting. Server and guild life do relate to server age and level distribution in subtle ways. I’ve always resisted the idea of going to a new server (‘might get lonely…’) but I can see that I may have got the wrong end of the stick on that.

    Posts like this meke me dream of doing a “RL re-roll” as a game designer. There would be no end of fun problems to think about.

  4. Yea it’s a shame RL can’t be done over as easily as it is in the game….or that I actually had a real life Death Coil to use at my disposal for certain people I work with…

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