About the Kalgan Post

So yeah, with all that blow up over Life Tap and the changes that were attempted, Kalgan jumps on the Warlock boards and throws Warlocks a bone. Haven’t seen it? Well here it is:


We definitely feel the need for warlocks to gain some sort of active defense so we don’t have to try to balance them around the assumption that they’re “tanking” melee classes. For example, an idea we’re running with internally is the concept of a warlock being able to cast a spell that places a circle of demonic power on the ground. The warlock would be able to teleport to this location from within a relatively short range (ie: 40 yards), and would also be able to summon demons more quickly if they’re standing within the circle.

found here.

Now about this post, there are things I like and don’t like. First the Likes would be the teleportation part of this spell. The whole idea of a “Shadow Step” ability has long been wanted for a new escape mechanic since the Fear mechanic has been changed so much. I also think that all cloth wearers (Warlock and Priest since Mages have Blink)need this type of ability to save us from Warriors and Rogues and give us a chance to escape their lock-down of squishes.

The only part of this is you need to counter the ability with an effective penalty, but not so much to make it ineffective. For Warlocks, this could be a 30 second cool-down with a shard cost. I think that would limit some of the “Nerf Shadow Step” cries out there as it would actually cost the Warlock something to use the ability. Other classes, well I don’t play them enough to know what an effective penalty for their usage would be.

Now onto the dislikes. I think the quick summoning part of this would have to be nixed. That or just make Fel Domination a trainable spell to let all Warlocks have it and replace that talent in Demonology with something else. I feel this way because if left as it was stated, that only halfway benefits a Demonology Warlock as they already have a quick summoning of a Pet (on cool-down, yes I know).

Now the thing to remember is that this was just an idea that was stated and not fact. I am just posting about that idea and some of the flaws I see in it. Knowing Blizzard, they will change it 12 million times before coming up with another idea they implement altogether and forget about this one.


~ by Poxus on March 11, 2008.

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