A Shout Out for Shamans

Last week I worked on my Shaman mainly to TRY to get a handle on playing him. I got him to 21 with hopes that things might play out to have him as a good ALT when I tire of being a Demon Lord (yea right!). well it didn’t pan out that way. Shamans are hard, I tell you.

They lack somehow and I can’t explain it. Might just be that I am only level 21 and really lacking in some of their abilities, but not being able to rush head long into a group of creatures and laugh at their attempts to kill me is not fun. Taking on more than 2 creatures takes all your mana and almost all your health. I feel for the Shaman class as somewhere along the path of the game they went from a powerhouse class to a almost extinct class. Hopefully they get some Blizzard loving soon and regain some of their former glory.

So I have officially parked him as a bank mule for now. Besides, I am a Warlock player, a true believer of the dark powers that fuel us and make us the most feared class in the game. Dot, Fear and Forget is my motto, and that is how I like it.


~ by Poxus on March 11, 2008.

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