So Demonology has a new flair

Yep, in the latest patch notes, certain abilities no longer will break Crowd Control on affected creatures. So this is a big buff for the Felguard raiders out there as you can now use the cleave more often without the worry of breaking someones CC and getting screamed at.

So, unlike the changes to Life Tap that almost went through, this is actually a buff for a lot of classes out there besides Warlocks. Now maybe certain specced Warlocks will stop calling Demonology Warlocks a non raiding spec, but I doubt it.


~ by Poxus on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “So Demonology has a new flair”

  1. Eh….this is a blessing and a curse, pun intended.

    Speaking as a raiding felly warlock, the felguard spec can be one of the highest dps raid spec’s in the game. Autocleave is awesomesauce for the Hydross fight. A *true* raiding demon lock learns the strengths of weakness of each pet relative to the boss they’re fighting, not just runs around with the felguard close behind. The autocleave ‘fix’ being considered benefits the noobs like me who ‘forget’ to turn it off in crowded rooms, but I don’t think it will necessarily improve the quality of demon lock raiding. Instead, it could potentially encourage raiding demon locks to be lazy, just summoning felly and leaving the autocleave button on.

    I’m anal-retentive about these things, though. I believe in applying the strengths of your spec to your situation. I will probably continue to leave autocleave off in most situations.

  2. This isn’t about whether you can leave it on auto attack, although it might have sounded that way, it is more about the Felguad now being able to use his ability more, for example:

    During the trash clear on the way to Lurker, I of course had Cleave off autoattack. As the placement of what was sheeped and such can be cramped sometimes, I hardly ever used Cleave during these situations because of that. Now I can actually manage his abilities a lot more with out the needed worry of breaking sheep/sap whatever and do a tad more DPS.

    I do agree with you though, I will not be leaving it on autocast as I feel that would make me a lazy Warlock and forget about pet management

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