The Poxus Chronicles

So yeah, I was tired of playing the original Poxus for awhile there. I think because I was so far behind the curve of everyone else that I really had nothing to go for. If I was on-line I was either in a raid with no hope of getting geared as I was so far down on the DKP pole that it was futile to even wish, or people wanting me to help in a Heroic that wouldn’t make it past the first boss.

So I re-rolled on Cairne thinking a Shaman might be the best thing to play. Nope, not happening. I got to level 16 and missed the pet management, the escape mechanics and the overall Warlock being that pervades into me from being a Warlock. So last night after I got home from my night College course, I remade Poxus into a newer, better vision of himself.

I see having more to do with this Warlock as I am on par pretty much with the majority of the server as I can get to 70 pretty quick being a Warlock. I know my class and what to do in an instance to so hopefully I can make a good name for myself and actually get back to raiding and progression soon.

/crosses boney fingers


~ by Poxus on March 6, 2008.

One Response to “The Poxus Chronicles”

  1. This is why dkp systems suck. Do I believe that attendance should be a factor in awarding loot? Absolutely, the spoils go to those who earned it. But burnout is a HUGE factor in BC raiding, moreso than what people want to admit. You put people who were used to coming in 1-2 nights a week with 39 of their closest friends, and if you died, no biggie, /afk sandwich

    So much more at stake with the BC dungeons. One caster dies – there’s potentially 1/5 of your caster dps right there. Considering most progression guilds are raiding 3-4 nights a week, and gear is just as important as skill, it’s no wonder nerves are getting frayed.

    The best way to counter this is to do what you can as a raid leader to distribute the love. Award attendance to those who are part of your raid team but who may not actually make it into the raid. Random roll with eligibility based on attendance has evened the playing field with my old raiding guild.

    By the way, when are you getting FROOOSTSHOOOOCK?!


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