So about that Life Tap

Yes I know. It is being talked about everywhere. The changes to Life Tap and how it affects Warlocks. I don’t like it, not one bit. Want to know why? I’ll tell you.

Warlocks have always been the caster class that was different from the rest. We stacked cloth gear with +STA for the health increase. What we used that health increase for was to quickly regain mana because all of our Dots and direct damage spells cost so much more mana than any other casters normal spells. We would “Tap” our health to give us that quick boost to mana to let us quickly regen, where other caster valued that slow regen of mana through MP5 gear.

So what does this change mean to Warlocks now? Now we need to start looking for that +INT more than going for +STA. You need to have more mana than you do health to make Life Tap useful. As we all know, that is hard to find out there in regards to gear slated towards Warlocks.

So I am currently waiting for the test realms to come back up. As I am geared in a few epics from Kara, 1 Season 1 epic and everything else blues from quests or normal instance drops, I want to see how in fact this hurts me in regards to using Life Tap in a raid setting. So hopefully sometime today or tonight I will get the results and post them here tomorrow.

If you want me to do any type of specific testing, post it here and I can do my best to try that also.


~ by Poxus on February 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “So about that Life Tap”

  1. I do understand why so many people are pissed off about this, but to me, it’s sort of…meh. I think the folks it effects the most are the Affliction ‘locks. Gear for them has always been +Spell Dmg with a side helping of +Stam. Destro ‘locks had to be more aware of the +Int buffs because of the mana-intensive spells and the spell crit Intellect gives. We Demon ‘locks have to find that fine-line to maximize our damage output. As such, I’ve got a healthy smattering of Spell Dmg, Stam, Int and Spell Hit. Nothing is maxed out, but nothing is overly gimped either. So while I’m interested in seeing the effects when it goes live, I don’t honestly care enough at this point to join the flame wars happening on the forums (or even to copy my toon onto the PTR to test it out).

  2. Well, looking at your gear from your site, I can see you have more mana than health, in which this change would actually help you out some, but not much.
    The thing is it affect ALL Warlocks. Think about how many times you use Life Tap in a raiding enviroment. I did this the other night with Lurker. I would Tap atleast 3 times every other minute to keep my DPS up. Inbetween that is a mana pot. That’s because our spells are so mana ineffecient.
    Another thing to remember is +Spell Damage does not affect Life Tap anymore, only the talent in Affliction to improve it, which still doesn’t help much.

  3. Yeah, my mana is around 250 more than my health, so it sort of equal out. There will be a slight gain, but not enough to really count in my case.
    And I know, I use Life Tap all the time, much to the dismay of my raid healers at times. I just think it’ll all even out with proper itemization, enchants and gems. It’s just gonna take an adjustment to the class mentality that +Stam isn’t the end-all-be-all that it has been these past 3 years.
    Plus, I was never aware that Life Tap was ever affecgted by +Spell Dmg to begin with. Perhaps that was pre-BC?

  4. Note to self: L2Spell

  5. nope, it came in 2.3 that spell damage increased our gain.

    Also Stamina has always been one of the main stats, before Intelligence, that Warlocks go for, so that is one of the many uproars over this.

    only thing to do now is sit back and see what the new change will be now.

  6. Hmmm…must’ve missed that in the patch notes and didn’t notice too much difference in-game after the fact. Anyways, I’m not one to get overly worked up about something before it goes live. I work in the software testing arena, so I know how many ideas try to get pushed through before customer delivery time comes up and cooler heads prevail to say, “Nope, ain’t gonna work. You’ll muck up everything else.”

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