All About the Raiding…

So yea, I have been kind of busy so that’s why there was a lull in the posts, but anyway, here we go again.

Thursday Night Fights, Malice comes out swinging. We have our standard 25 man raid group, we are all buffed and ready to go into SSC and tear stuff up. We take down trash fast and furious. We plow the road all the way to Lurker and leave nothing standing in our way.

Lurker looks at us and says”Oh Shit!, they mean business!” What happens next? Lurker continues his dominance over us by beating our buts down wipe after wipe after wipe. Our best attempt was the one time we get him down to 8% again. That’s 2 times in a week we get him down that close and fail. So we take our licking and concede to him that night.

On comes Sunday Nights Smack-fest. Who are we going for tonight? Lurker, the one guy stopping our progression from going anywhere. We going in and start taking out the trash. You know what? The trash started taking us out as well. We had more deaths on the way to Lurker than lurker kills us on a normal night. Things did not look good going in.

We finally get to Lurker after all his trash is dead and get buffed up. Our first attempt, and crap happens. If you have never been here, you have 3 small islands around the main platform Lurker attacks from. Lurker dives down into the water and adds come during this time. you get 3 melee adds on Lurkers platform and 2 range adds on each small island. nothing more, nothing less.

Well, with Lurker down to about 25%, he dives down. I turn, ready to fear my add so we can burn them all down, and see 3 adds on my island, one which one shots me. So I get to stay dead for the rest of this fight, YEAH! So I sit here watching the fight, thinking” here we go again” as more people start getting killed. Down to 10%. Down to 8%. He dives here come the adds. DPS starts to die.

About half the raid force is left alive currently when all the adds are killed and Lurker pops back up. Everyone goes all out. 1% and he dives. Here come the adds. Few more die and 1 add melee add is left alive when Lurker pops back up. Bam! Down goes Lurker! So we finally get our kill on this fish. First attempt and we are done. What a great night.


~ by Poxus on February 25, 2008.

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