On Raiding with the new Guild

So Tuesday Night was raid night. On the list, Gruul’s Lair. I know I have posted about this before, but I never cleared that place and wanted a second shot at it. So we go in and make an attempt at clearing this place out.

High King is a fun fight for those that have never been there. You have one big boss and 4 sub bosses. Takes some good coordination to make all the pieces work together to clear them out, and luckily we had that, on the first attempt. Somehow I got one shot in the process though and I still do not know why as I wasn’t around any of the bosses and had no aggro over the main tanks, but die I did, but so did the King.

Next on the list to go down was Gruul himself. We head in, everyone knows their roles, but like any good raid boss, he got the best of us. Cave-Ins are a pain, his Ground tremor he does sucks and being silenced isn’t fun either. Everyone got a little to close on the first attempt and some bad tremor throws and shatters and down we go.

So we collect ourselves, head back in and watch our positions. Gruul goes down lickity split and some guild members have some shiny new purples. Was fun to finally be in a guild that works together so well. Tonight is our attempt at Lurker and Hydross. Let’s hope we work so well together again.


~ by Poxus on February 21, 2008.

One Response to “On Raiding with the new Guild”

  1. Grats on Gruul. I went in there once. With a PUG. Horrible, horrible mistake.

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