My First Foray into SSC

It was fun. I have never been in this instance and wondered what is was going to entail, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The guilds first choice was to attempt to take down Hydross the Unstable. It seems like a pretty straight forward fight with a lot of moving pieces to it.

Hydross the UnstableThe Lurker Below

We tried to kill him twice but failed. We had a group on the backside of him after the pull and that would aggro more than the four adds you are suppose to get from him and we just wiped every time. We learned a lot though so it wasn’t a huge deal, we knew what we were facing when we stepped into the instance.

Next we headed over to The Lurker Below. Now never being here before, I didn’t know that the trash pulls just to get to Lurker are too many to remember. We cleared trash mobs for about 10 minutes it seemed. Finally we get to the area to summon this boss. Just a little spoiler, Lurker can only be summoned by a 375 fisherman. That’s right, you have to fish this guy up.

We tried a couple of attempts at him, getting him down to 8% at one point but it was getting late, had some placement issues and we called it after a few wipes. It was fun being in this instance though. We walked out with only a epic Leather-working recipe, but hey I like getting the kills and seeing the instances over worrying about what loot I might get, that’s just a plus.

So tonight is another run to Gruul’s Lair, with an attempt at Lurker once again if we have enough time. Hopefully we get kills in fast and can down Lurker this time to once again attempt Hydross and get some practice in on him.


~ by Poxus on February 19, 2008.

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