On the Quest for a Raiding Guild

So as I wrote before, I have been in the process of trying to find a guild. Not just any guild mind you, a raiding guild that I could finally get back into progression with and not have to sacrifice Real Life family time to do it. I want to raid as much as I can as I really think that best part of the games story is there.

Well I found it. On my current server no less and through the guild recruitment channel( who knew that thing worked!). I asked a simple question wondering if there were any raiding guilds that started later than 7pm, and a friendly Shaman popped in with a /whisper letting me know of his current guild. I asked some of the officers some questions and they asked some of me.

It looks like our friend over at Demonic Rants is looking to be in that situation with his guild. I feel for him and his own quest for a decent guild. Maybe he will have some luck finding a good home.

So now I am in a guild, attempting to tackle the raid scene again. Luckily everyone in this guild is friendly and gets along very well. They even can take my warped sense of game humor too, which is also good. I got my first look into Serpent-shrine Caverns last night and am so glad to be back into a guild like this. I’ll post my screen-shots tomorrow of the run and how everything went.


~ by Poxus on February 18, 2008.

One Response to “On the Quest for a Raiding Guild”

  1. Seems things worked out the best for both of us. Gratz on being where you want to be, my friend.

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