A Night in Arathi Basin..with Exploits

It was only one game but it was enough. I came out of this game huge, and I still don’t know why. It started off with me hitting the mine, by myself, taking down a solo Rogue, only to die to the Warlock-Warrior combo that came right after him. So we lost the mine, the Lumber Mill, the Blacksmith all in one fell swoop. Great.


Things sort of got a little better. Ran up to the Lumber mill and helped to claim that. Then ran down with a group towards the Stables only to find out they had bounced out and went to the Blacksmith(what is it about everyone wanting that spot?) and left me alone with a warrior and a Priest.

It actually turned out better than I thought it was, since I am not one to run at the thought of dying, and started out with the Felguard on the Priest and me fearing the Warrior. Got the Warrior down to about 20%, he was fully dotted, and turned to the Priest who was getting ready to heal him and landed a well placed Death Coil to stop that and send him running.

Now at this time, there were no other Alliance at the Stables, and a Shaman had joined me in the fight, throwing heals my way as these two guys were pounding on me hard. I dotted up the Priest and returned to see the Warrior fully healed and pounding on me again. Fear is on cool-down, Death Coil is on cool-down, here comes the Priest fully healed and in Shadow-form…what he hell!

Needless to say I died, the Shaman died, and I didn’t know at the time what happened, but I found out. At the Stables is a small shack by the graveyard there. What I found out later is that a person can sit in there on the crate and cast heals on other players from INSIDE the shack. Another thing is that their name DOES NOT show up when there are in this shack. Exploit? I think so.

Now I am not bitter or anything because I came out good by killing that guy, letting everyone know what they were doing and making sure they didn’t keep another healer there the rest of the game. I did OK, we lost but as you can see by the above picture, I actually came out ahead.


~ by Poxus on February 15, 2008.

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