Is Raiding that Important to you?

I ask this question because I am currently pondering a move, that if done correctly and approved by a certain guild, that would net me a perfect guild that fits my needed raid time. The only catch is that I would have to re-roll Alliance, but I would still be a Warlock of course. I know I can level fast and it wouldn’t take me extremely long at all to hit 70. I could even transfer an old level 70 Hunter over to fund myself with gear upgrades if needed to make leveling that much faster.

This is where I ask you the question above, is raiding that important to you? For me yes, as there are so many aspects of this game, and seeing some of the end game instances has always been a goal of mine. The problem has always been that time slot. Most guilds start their raids at or around 6 or 7 pm and that is just too early for a family guy like myself. So I have been left out of most of the higher up end game instances.

Do I think I have what it takes to be and end game raider? Absolutely. I, at one time long ago, raided the end game of a distant game called Everquest, and did very well. That is why I really want back into the end game in Warcraft, to once again experience the excitement of heading into a big, big boss fight, seeing all that the game has to offer.

So I now have an Alliance Warlock named Daemonic, leveling up on a new realm where hopefully I will be giving a chance to take him to 70 and start back into the raid scene with a new guild and finally get the end game going like I have wanted to for so long. If not I guess Poxus still has his Battle grounds and 5 mans he can run until a Horde guild pops up with my preferred raiding time…


~ by Poxus on February 14, 2008.

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