Looking For Guild! PST

That’s right folks. I am currently unguilded on Undermine due to the fact every guild there raids at 7pm CST and I just can not make it due to the family and my kids. So what does this mean? I am currently unguilded, raid-less and stuck doing quests and PvP for any type of “Progression”.

It sucks being the odd Warlock out, but hopefully something will come along. I thought about re-rolling to another server or another class, but why would I want to not be a Warlock? I love this class and my versatility in any situation.

In other news, I got to WSG it up last night. Another 1k honor headed my way and I should be able to get another piece of season 1 gear this weekend. Haven’t decided which one to get yet but that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

I did go and see how many marks I need to acquire to get a full set of season 1 though, and here are the results:

50 Arathi Basin

30 Warsong Gulch

30 Alterac Valley

Not bad as I have half of everything but the WSG ones in my bank, just because I despise WSG and the elitist PvP’ers there who think nobody knows how to play that BG correctly.

 Oh yea, Looking for Guild, PST!


~ by Poxus on February 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Looking For Guild! PST”

  1. I know the feeling of being unguilded all to well, my friend. And the guild I’m currently in is sort of a depository of refugees that aren’t entirely interested in progressing or even helping each other out. Guild chat is conspicuously silent for long stretches unless someone mistells into gchat. I’ve a feeling I’ll be conducting the /gquit dance soon myself.

  2. It’s a sad state when a Warlock has trouble getting into a decent guild, of course there are a lack of decent guilds sometimes as I have found out. I hate that you are in that position, maybe we can get lucky and find those perfect guilds that everyone dreams about, where the epics flow and the friends are bountiful, and progression flies at you like a well placed fear.

  3. Much agreed. I’m not much for the raiding aspect of the game. It requires more time than I can afford, what with a wife and baby that need my attention as well. I play primarily for the social aspect of the game. And if chat is quiet and no one ever uses vent, well there’s no social interaction taking place. I run wtih our sister guild all the time and would join their guild in a heartbeat if I knew it wouldn’t cause their guild leader a whole mess of drama from my current one.

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