Now I have had this link for sometime now, and really, I do not know why I haven’t posted it yet. I think it is one of the best resources for we Warlocks of Azeroth in regards to gear. I forget about it at times as I am too busy running those Battle Grounds trying to get the season 1 set, but it is an excellent resource for gear in the game.

“Give the damn link already!”

OK, here it is.

Take a minute and look it over.

Got it?

Good. Aren’t you glad you stopped by today and found something useful? I know, I know, I really am a great and all knowledgeable Warlock who bestows his readers with wonderful goodies such as the link above.

Praise and admiration can commence now…

no really, go ahead..


go ahead and enjoy your link of wonderfulness…you’ll be back…I know you will…..


~ by Poxus on February 13, 2008.

One Response to “L2Gear”

  1. Yep, used the Warlock’s Den to assist in soloing the Ritual of Doom quest. That site is everything that is awesome about the internet.

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